Maybelline Master Blush Color & Highlight Kit


New from Maybelline is the Master Blush Color & Highlight Kit, which contains a collection of 3 matte blushes and a highlighter shade.  Currently it is available in only the one shade option.  Will be interesting to see if they add different shade palettes in the future.  With that being said, Maybelline encourages you to use each shade alone or mix and match to create a custom cheek color.  The blushes are a gel-based formula and Maybelline states that they feature ultra-saturated pigments that deliver high color payoff.  They also state that this weightless, gel-based formula blends in one simple stroke.




The texture of the blush powders are soft, but not overly creamy.  When swatched with my finger, they do apply somewhat patchy, and I did have to work a bit to even them out….as you will note in the last blush shade above. The pink shade is dry and stiff, with poor pigmentation and was more difficult to swatch on my arm when compared to the other shades.  The highlight shade feels soft, isn’t chalky or overly glittery.  I was rather turned off when I initially swatched the colours and was worried about how they would perform on my cheeks.  Let’s take a look at the brush swatches.



The blush and highlights shades were applied over foundation.  As you can see, the blush shades definitely apply lighter than in the pan, but are buildable, which is okay with me.  I’d rather build up a blush shade, to be honest.  They do actually blend out nicely on the cheeks, which was a concern of mine when I swatched them, as they had applied rather patchy.  They also perform very well, with 8 hours of wear noted.  The highlight is a pretty pink champagne shade that does have quite a bit of fallout when your brush is swiped in the pan, causing it to  flutter about , resulting in the matte blushes taking on some shimmer, so a heads up for that!  Unfortunately, that pink shade of blush is a dud, as it just does not perform well.  It feels stiff and dry in the pan, and really needs to be layered for effect.  It works better with some help from that wine shade!

Overall, the blush and highlight palette performed better than I had initially thought it would.  However, I wouldn’t go as far to say that the shades deliver high color payoff in one simple stroke.  Rather it’s a nice buildable group of blushes that work alone or together, and  I would recommend that you use a stiffer blush brush when applying to get better application.  For $9.98 (US) at Walmart it’s a sweet deal for 3 blushes and a highlight.

Items were purchased by me.



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