Covergirl OH SUGAR Lip Balm Review


New from Covergirl’s Spring 2016 Spring Collection are OH SUGAR LIP BALMS, that are available in 10 shades.  Covergirl calls their lip balms a “fresher idea at a much sweeter price”, and tells us to “try vs. a $20 lip balm”, seemingly referring to Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment.

 Oh Sugar! Lip Balm is a vitamin infused, moisturizing lip treatment that nourishes, protects and smooths lips. Grapeseed oil, avocado butter and vitamins C and E lock in moisture, keeping lips soft and smooth.

I personally have never used the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, so today I am only reviewing the Oh Sugar Lip Balms on their own without comparing to Fresh’s lip balms.

Covergirl describes these benefits of using their Oh Sugar Lip Balm:

  • Delicious, sweet sugary taste
  • Protects against dry lips
  • Tinted lip balm with a soft and creamy feel
  • Wear alone for a hint of soft color


I do really like the packaging of these balms.  They’re definitely more sturdy than the Maybelline or Rimmel lip balms.  I think they’re fun looking.  They also have the name of the shade permanently marked on the lid, something I really appreciate!!



They are not overly pigmented but they have a pretty good colour payoff for a lip balm.  The colour is much lighter that what the balm bullet looks.  They apply very nicely, are very light on the lips, not at all waxy, and give the lips a light glossy finish.  However, they aren’t that moisturizing or long lasting.  I get about an hour of wear and then need to apply more.  These balms are suppose to have a “Delicious, sweet sugary taste”.  When first applied it smells lemony but after a few minutes, the scent changes into a gross chemically scent, which I find quite off putting, and not at all delicious!  I just wish the lemony scent would last longer.

PicMonkey Collage

Overall, these balms do provide a hint of soft colour, and feel soft and creamy, not at all waxy on the lips, but they aren’t very moisturizing and need frequent reapplying if you want to protect against dry lips, especially in the winter.  They are pricey as well, ringing in at $11.99 Canadian.  Because of the price and that scent that I described, I know I won’t be going back for other shades.  I’ll be more than happy to stick with my Maybelline and Rimmel Lip Balms, that perform just as well, and for a fraction of the price.

Have you tried them?  I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Items were purchased by me.
Items were purchased by me.


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