Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor is described as a 100% wax free gel formula that provides a light weight, high definition velvety matte color.  There are 6 shades available in drugstores now, but interestingly there are 8 shades listed on the Revlon website.  I have 3 of the shades here for you today.


When I pull these out of the purse I feel like I’m in possession of a high end lip product thanks to the very appealing oval frosted tube.  It’s a great design by Revlon!  My only quarrel is that there is no safety seal on the tubes, so you have to be careful when you buy that you don’t pick up a “contaminated” tube.  Also (okay 2 quarrels), the name of the lip product is not written on the tube itself, only on the sticker, which I personally remove because I don’t care for a big old ugly sticker on my packaging.


As for the product itself, it is very pigmented and applies nicely on the lips with the paddle shaped applicator.  Although Revlon claims it as a matte lip color, it does not dry completely matte, but rather a semi-matte finish with a shine.  And, because it doesn’t dry matte on the lips, it feels moisturizing and velvety, and not at all sticky, and doesn’t settled into any dry cracks on your lips, nor is there any feathering of the product.  I do notice that with eating, or drinking, there is some transfer onto your cup etc, but this almost seems to remove the sheen and maintains a matted color to the lips, as it easily wears for up to 4 hours.  There is a definite scent to the product that you should be aware.  It is a very sweet scent, which may bother some, but for me this isn’t an issue.





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Overall, I really like these new liquid lipsticks.  I like how they feel velvety on my lips and are not at all drying because of their semi-matte finish.  However, if you prefer the more drier, true matte lip products, you will likely not be a fan, as they don’t completely dry to a matte finish.  Also, if you’re sensitive to scented products, these are a no go as well.

Items were purchased by me.
Items were purchased by me.




  1. Malvika December 6, 2015 / 10:45 am

    Hey Mary, that’s a great review. I’ve heard so much about these, and I was wondering if these would work with a lip balm underneath?

    • beautydreammachine December 11, 2015 / 6:58 pm

      I think they’d be OK. Although these are really hydrating so I skip a lip balm first 🙂

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