Maybelline BROWdrama Pro Palette Review


Maybelline has released a new Brow Pro Palette, currently available in the US and soon to be released in Canada.  The brow palette comes in 4 shade selections.  Each palette consists of a colored wax, a powder and a highlight shade.


As well, the palette comes with both a double sided angled brush and a spiral brush.  I do like that each brush has a designated compartment and that there is an angled brush for each product.  This palette is so ideal for traveling don’t you think? Also, great for throwing in your bag for reapplying on the go. I will say that unfortunately, the compact is missing a mirror, and it’s unfortunate that Maybelline didn’t include one, considering the price.


There are directions on the back of the palette to guide you with the steps in the application process.


Here is a closer look at each palette.  The colors range from blonde to brown to auburn.  The auburn palette looked beautiful in person, and it’s nice to see an auburn option from a drugstore brand.





Let’s take a look at a swatch from the Deep Brown palette:


The gel, powder and highlight shades are all very pigmented.  The process involves applying the colored wax first, followed by the powder. 


Using one end of the angled brush, I used the wax to sculpt and define my brow.  The wax does not feel sticky and is in fact, very light weight.  I then applied the brow powder to fill in any sparse areas.  The powder is actually a creamy powder with no fallout. 


The brow highlight has a hint of sheen to it.  I found the gel and powder to be long lasting, with very good wear throughout the day.  I find it to be a quick and easy to use brow palette. It has everything you really need, all in one. This palette retails for $9.99 to $12.99 US, which is a higher price for a drugstore product.  However, you are getting 3 products, which I think we need to remember when discussing the price.

I do feel disappointed that there is no mirror in this compact.  As well, there is a great shade selection here for blondes, to brunettes to redheads, but those with very dark brown and/or black hair won’t find a good match here I am afraid.

Comment below if you’ve tried the new brow palette and what your thoughts were.  I’d love to hear from you.  Thanks for stopping by!

Items were purchased by me.
Items were purchased by me.





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