Wet N Wild Holiday 2015 Limited Edition We’re The Wild Cats Collection


Wet N Wild has released a new Holiday 2015 Collection called We’re The Wild Cats.  The Collection consists of nail polishes, false eyelashes, liquid eyeliners and eye shadow palettes.


Today I will be reviewing the eye shadow palettes and a couple of the liquid eyeliners.  My display at Rite Aid did not have the nail polishes or false lashes, unfortunately.  I am not aware of any new lipsticks released with this collection.


There are 4 eye shadow palettes released with this collection, and have Stay Wild on their packaging, which I think is very unique & cute!  I also love the names of the palettes.  I have to give props to whomever it is who comes up with these names!


Let’s take a look at each palette:




  • Wrapper’s Delight is very pigmented and all 3 shades blend and apply well.
  • The top grey shade is a satin, while the other 2 shades pack a lot of shimmer.
  • Overall it performs well and is one of my favorites out of the 4.




  • The 2 top shadows in this palette feel stiff and somewhat chalky.
  • The yellow shadow has poor pigmentation, whereas the other 2 are well pigmented.
  • There is a lot of glitter in this palette which makes for a lot of fallout, and difficulty blending.
  • I had high hopes because the shadows look so pretty in the pan, but when applied to my eyes, it was glitter mayhem!!  However, I do really like the last shade used on its own though!




  • This is the dud of the collection.  It’s bad…like really bad.
  • The pigmentation is just awful in the 2 first shades, whereas it’s somewhat better in the last shade….but not by much.  I had to work hard to get those swatches you see.
  • The shadows are just so stiff and chalky, and very difficult to work with.




  • That blue!!!  Just look at that blue….and then you swatch it and you’re like what?!?!  I was so disappointed when I swatched theses shadows as I was expecting a gorgeous black- blue shadow.
  •  Instead what you have is a very glittery gold shadow followed by 2 black shadows.  One with a blue sparkle and one with gold.  BUT when applied on the eye and blended in you don’t see the gorgeous blue or the gold sparkle in the shadow…they just fall flat, as you can see in the swatch.
  • But, the black shades do have good pigmentation with little fallout, however, the gold shadow is packing a lot of shimmer, which in this case means a lot of fallout.


There are 4 new Limited Edition Liquid Liners and I chose 2 of the Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliners:







I have never used any of the Wet N Wild liquid eyeliners, so this was something new all together for me.

  • Both shades have great pigmentation, take a few seconds to dry, and then are virtually smudge proof.  They wear well, and don’t feel sticky or tacky.
  • Jingle Bell is a beautiful glittery  blue…..kind of what I had expected the blue shadow in the Bust A Wrap eye shadow palette to look like.
  • Jollywood is a gorgeous bronze with a light sparkle to it.

Overall, I’m not impressed with the eye shadow palettes in this collection.  I just found them to be way too sparkly and glittery, but if that’s what you like, then perhaps you would definitely  enjoy this collection.  The liquid eyeliners on the other hand are quite impressive and I highly recommend them.  The palettes retail for $3.99 and the eyeliners for $2.99.

Has anyone else spotted them or tried them out?  What were your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by!

Items were purchased by me.
Items were purchased by me.


8 thoughts on “Wet N Wild Holiday 2015 Limited Edition We’re The Wild Cats Collection

  1. Lauren October 5, 2015 / 12:53 am

    Awe disappointed in the shadows!!! But the liners look fab!

    • beautydreammachine October 5, 2015 / 10:35 am

      I know, there is just too much glitter and sparkle for my personal taste.

  2. Gi October 28, 2015 / 1:36 am

    I bought all of them except freestyle wrap. It was out of stock and I snatched the last ones :p my fave is wrappers delight.

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