Keurig 2.0 K200 Single Cup Brewing System and Van Houtte Specialty Coffees


I really meant to post this on #nationalcoffeeday, which would of been September 29, but I was sitting back and relaxing while sipping on a nice cup of Vanilla Latte Specialty Coffee by Van Houtte, which I brewed in my new Keurig 2.0 K200 Single-Cup Coffee Brewing System.  The only thinking I had to do that day was decide between Vanilla Latte or a Cappuccino.  So you can see how I forgot…..I was enjoying my homemade brew too much!


I was fortunate to receive the new Keurig 2.0 K200 Single-Cup Coffee Brewing System, along with the Specialty Coffees by Van Houtte from Influenster, and am just tickled pink & LOVING it! I love it because it’s so quick. Just pop the pod in and within seconds, you have a fresh cup of brew, great for those of us that are in a hurry in the mornings!! And, the canister holds a good amount of water, so I don’t feel like I am always having to refill it.  I also love the variety of cup sizes I can choose from and the different drinks it can brew.  I just need to decide: ice tea, hot tea, hot cocoa, or a coffee, to name a few!  It’s also easy to use, and set up.


And I really enjoyed the Van Houtte Specialty Coffee.  It’s an easy 2 step process that just requires that you pour the Froth Mousse in your cup prior to the brewing.  Once brewed simply stir and enjoy!  A great tasting specialty coffee in the comfort of your own home in just seconds!  You can have the chance to try these delicious new flavors out for yourselves! Use this coupon link:

Thank you so much to Keurig and Influenster for allowing me to review this great product! I highly recommend it and am enjoying it so much!

The Keurig retails for $88 at Walmart in Canada.

Anyone else loving it?

*Despite receiving this product complimentary to review I have given my 100% honest opinion of the product*


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