Wet N Wild Fall 2015 Limited Edition Here’s To The Wild Ones! Eyeshadow Review

It’s that time of the year, and ready or not Fall is coming (yes!).  Wet N Wild has a new, Fall  Limited Edition collection called Here’s To The Wild One’s! which consists of eye shadows, lipsticks and nail polishesToday I will be reveiwing the new 5 pan eyeshadows.


There are actually four palettes released, and I opted to get just the three you see here.



 The Gal-lery Next Door


L to R: Browbone, Base, Definer, Eyelid and Crease

 The Gal-Lery Next Door is a beautiful collection of pinks and purples.  

  • Browbone: sparkly pink, feels soft & not gritty.
  • Base: very soft and buttery light matte peachy-pink.
  • Definer: soft and buttery matte purple.
  • Eyelid: purple-pink with golden sparkle.
  • Crease: very dark purple with sparkle, is quite chalky and stiff.
  • Excellent pigmentation, didn’t care for quality of the crease shade.

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds


L to R: Browbone, Base, Definer, Eyelid and Crease

My favourite, Girls Just Wanna Have Funds, is  a beautiful collection of greens and browns.

  • Browbone:  pale yellow satin with a golden duo-chrome, very soft & buttery.
  • Base: a beautiful pale satin green, also with golden duo-chrome, soft and buttery.
  • Definer: dark brown with golden shimmer.
  • Eyelid: Forest green with light golden sparkle and has golden duo-chrome.
  • Crease: Brown with a very light golden sparkle.
  • Amazing pigmentation, not chalky or stiff at all.  I love the duo-chrome effect of the eyeshadows (sadly they don’t show up on my swatches).

Melrose Face


L to R: Browbone, Base, Definer, Eyelid and Crease

 Melrose Face, is a gorgeous collection of yellows and browns.

  • Browbone: a gold yellow with golden sparkle.
  • Base: A buttery satin pale yellow with a gold duo-chrome.
  • Definer: A satin rich brown with a purple undertone.
  • Eyelid: A satin tan brown
  • Crease: A satin terracotta brown with golden sheen/sparkle.
  • All are very pigmented, not stiff or chalky and blend easily.

Overall I am very impressed with the quality and pigmentation of these shadows.  The formula is very nice as well with the shadows being very soft and buttery.  I just love that Wet N Wild continues to put out great products at such an attainable price!  I highly recommend these shadows.  My favourite is Girls Just Wanna Have Funds.  The duo-chrome of these shadows was a very welcoming surprise……so so pretty!  And Kudos to Wet N Wild for coming up with brilliant palette names!

Now available across the US.  At this time I am unaware of a Canadian release date.

Have you spotted them in your store?  What do you think of the shades?

Items were purchased by me.
Items were purchased by me.

3 thoughts on “Wet N Wild Fall 2015 Limited Edition Here’s To The Wild Ones! Eyeshadow Review

  1. CosmeticChaos September 17, 2015 / 11:09 pm

    I’m disappointed I haven’t been able to find any of these get

    • beautydreammachine September 21, 2015 / 10:04 pm

      I know!! It can be so frustrating to find these limited edition collections!

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