Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshadows Review & Final Thoughts

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Well, after testing out the new Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshadows, I have my final thoughts to share with you today.

First off, lets look at a couple pics.  Nothing fancy :).   Here I am wearing the quad Milan.  I am using an eye primer on the LEFT eye in the pictures.  No primer used on the RIGHT.



  • There is a rubbery eyeshadow brush with the quad.  It’s kind of like a spatula :).  I had no use for it.  It picked up product in chunks, then made it difficult to apply.  It’s been tossed in the garbage.
  • Best applied with your fingers.  But, for the love of all things, HAVE A MAKEUP WIPE available to wipe your finger clean, for if not, you will have sparkle ALL OVER THE PLACE!
  • It is very pigmented and looks beautiful.  Unfortunately, with bad lightening, it is hard to appreciate that in the pic.
  • It does blend nicely into your crease etc.
  • Applies easier with a primer.  Almost as though it allows the shadows to “catch” onto something.

Wear & Longevity:

  • These shadows CREASE.  I really, really was hoping that they wouldn’t, but they did crease both with and without a primer applied.
  • They started to crease within an hour of wear.  It seamed to crease more on the eye with a primer used, interestingly enough.
  • Within a few hours I noticed that on the eye without primer used, I had fallout around my eye, with a sparkly mess under and around my eye.  Not cool!  Unfortunatley, my camera didn’t pic it up, but trust me it was there!
  • As beautiful and pigmented as these shadows swatch, they fade and loose their intensity because of creasing and fallout.  It’s almost as though I needed to re-apply like I would a lipstick.
  • Your eyelids feel wet and sticky.


Here are a few pics of my eyes after 2 hours of wear.  Again, a primer was used on the LEFT eye:





I really, really wanted to like these shadows.  I had such high hopes for them.  They swatch beautifully, the colours are gorgeous…..but once on the eyelids, they just don’t work.  I haven’t ever used foiled eyeshadows, so perhaps this is a common issue.  With a price tag of 9.99 to 12.99 US, I don’t feel as though they’re worth getting.  Unless of course you just want to stare at the pretties 🙂

How do you feel?  Have you tried them?

All products purchased by me.




2 thoughts on “Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshadows Review & Final Thoughts

  1. Alessia January 8, 2015 / 6:57 pm

    Haven’t tried them, i’m curious about the formula, as they ahi e really bright, it’s a pity they last so shortly…

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