Milani Bedazzled Collection Fall 2014: Enchanted Ruby, Enchanted Amethyst, Enchanted Topaz

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New from Milani is the Limited Edition Bedazzled Collection for Fall 2014.  The Collection consists of Limited Edition lipsticks, nail polishes and gel eyeliners.  I purchased the 3 lipsticks from the collection and am happy to share them with you today.  The Collection is currently available in the US at Walgreens and CVS, and guess what?  They are flying off the shelves.  This is a popular collection!  I am not aware of a Canadian release date, unfortunately.

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With this Limited Edition collection, Milani has changed up there packaging with the lipsticks.  The lipsticks are encased in a gold tube with a clear see through cap.  The name of the lipstick, is written on a removable stamp.  Personally, I’m not a fan of the new tubes.  I find they look and feel cheap, because I don’t particularly like the clear top.  I really don’t like that the name of the lipstick is not permanently indicated on the tube!  Instead you get a sticker that indicates the shades name……and it looks cheap on there……sorry Milani, just not a fan of this new look.

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The shades are absolutely stunning, and are perfectly on trend for Fall 2014.


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Enchanted Topaz is a beige neutral color.  Enchanted Amethyst is a gorgeous purple shade (my fav), and a dupe for the MAC RiRi Boy lipstick, which sells for upwards of $100 US on Ebay and Enchanted Ruby is a stunning red wine shade….perfect for the Holidays!

All of these shade are matte, have great pigmentation and are long wearing.  You definitely have to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying these!

My Final Verdict

They are a very dry formula, and the lipstick feels powdery and pulls on your lips when applying.  I found them to be rather uncomfortable on my lips….as though my lips were screaming out for moisture!?  The exception was Enchanted Ruby, which was not as drying as it is somewhat creamy, compared to the other two.  I really think when wearing these in the future I will apply a thin layer of gloss on top to make my lips feel more comfortable……which takes away the matte & defeats the purpose, BUT, I love the shades & feel this is how I can manage to wear them.  It is definitely not a formula that everyone will love.

Have you tried them?  What are your thoughts?  Please feel free to share with me.  Thanks for stopping by….Until next time

All items were purchased by myself.
All items were purchased by myself.



One thought on “Milani Bedazzled Collection Fall 2014: Enchanted Ruby, Enchanted Amethyst, Enchanted Topaz

  1. theivyinvestor November 9, 2014 / 10:43 pm

    I own enchanted ruby and people just LOVE it on me. And I’m super sad that it was limited edition.

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