Rita Ora for Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish Collection Review

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Rita Ora has collaborated with Rimmel London and has released The 60 Seconds Rita Ora Nail Polish Collection.  Here in Canada, the collection consists of 6 shades.  In the UK, they get 12 shades……not fair, but I’m not going to complain, because I am very happy with the 6 shades that have been released in Canada.

The bottles are very cute.  There is a Rita Ora stamp on each bottle with a cartoon Rita Ora wearing the shade in the bottle on her nails in each stamp.  Love these details!

bloggin2 021


The wands are nice and thick, making application easy.  The polish is easy to apply, and is very thick.  It dries fast and is glossy.  Although the bottle says only one coat is needed, the pastel shades definitely need 2 coats to be opaque.

bloggin2 038


Here are the 6 shades in the collection:

bloggin2 057

Not only are the bottles especially cute, the names are unique and witty!

Let’s break it down & look at each color:


bloggin2 006


bloggin2 016

Don’t Be Shy is a hot pink and has great pigmentation.  You could get away with just one coat because it’s quite opaque.  It’s a great summer shade.


bloggin2 011


bloggin2 009

Breakfast in Bed is a soft mint with a blue hue to it.  You can see some shimmer within the formula through the bottle, but there is only a hint of shimmer when dry on the nails.  You need 2 coats  for it to be opaque.


bloggin2 017


bloggin2 045

Midnight RendezVous is a deep purple.  Opaque with one coat.  I think this is a great Fall/Winter shade.  Warning:  This polish stains, so I recommend a clear base coat!


bloggin2 015


bloggin2 013

White Hot Love is a white cream with a slight pearl finish.  Opaque with 2 coats.  I quite like this white polish!


bloggin2 013


bloggin2 010

Lose Your Lingerie is a pale baby pink creme with a hint of shimmer.  A perfect shade for summer.  Opaque with 2 coats.


bloggin2 009


bloggin2 049Do Not Disturb is a beautiful teal….although my camera does not due this color justice.  It leans more toward a green teal….the camera shows more of a blue teal.  Opaque in 1 coat.    Warning:  This polish stains, so I recommend a clear base coat!

I love when a Drugstore Brand does a collaboration with a Celebrity.  It’s nice to have something unique and not have to pay a hefty price for it.  Rimmel & Rita Ora have done a great job with this collection.  The colors are beautiful & the packaging is unique & clever.  I found these at my local Walmart, where they retailed for $2.89 Canadian.  I predict they will be a hit.

Thanks for stopping by…..until next time,



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