New York Color Cosmetics City Samba Collection, Summer 2014


nyc city samba


New York Color, NYC, has released a new collection, inspired by the World Cup in Brazil, called the City Samba Collection, which they describe as:

Limited edition color inspired by the vibrancy of Brazil.  New York Color is bringing the sexy beaches and sizzling sun of Brazil to NY.  The Collection is filled with Brazilian fun and flare.  Look your sexiest yet with Carnival ready nail polishes, brilliant lip glosses and shimmering bronzing powders.

I found this collection a few weeks back, at Rite Aid, and picked up a couple of nail polishes and the 2 bronzing powders.  I’m not a fan of lip glosses in general, so I skipped them.  I was able to use the coupons that were on the display for $1.00 off each item so that was awesome!!  So let me share with you my purchases from the collection.

unnamed (5)The Holy Grail Coupon!!

bloggin1 042

The Bronzers have a combination of  a blush, bronzing and highlighting shades with 3 different colors.  They can be used separately or blended together.

bloggin1 017

bloggin1 027

bloggin1 058

bloggin1 500

Rosa Rio contains a light pink, champagne and golden bronze shade.  Together they create a very subtle peachy highlight.  These have decent pigmentation and are powdery when you swipe your brush so just be sure to tap off the excess.  This bronzer would work best on fair skin-tones.

bloggin1 018

bloggin1 021

bloggin1 057

bloggin1 066

Coral Samba contains a bright coral, tan bronze and a gorgeous purple-brown shade.  When mixed together, depending on how much of that purple-brown you incorporate, you get a  burnt orange/brown to a golden peach/orange.  This bronzer has great pigmentation and not quite as powdery as Rosa Rio.  Coral Samba would work well on all skin-tones.

Nailpolish: there are 8 shades with this collection and I picked up 2

bloggin1 012

bloggin1 124

Tropicoral is a coral pink.  It’s a pretty color, but I just do not like this formula.  I have worked with the quick dry formula nail polishes before and I don’t mind them, but I found it was hard to work with this one as it was so thick, dried very quickly and just didn’t level very well.  Please pardon my terrible paint job….I was in a hurry (hangs head in shame), and this polish was frustrating me!

bloggin1 016

bloggin1 122

Amazon Green is a mint green frost.  I was surprised to find it was a frost.  It applied easier than the Tropicoral, but it shows off the brush strokes…..Grrr.  Again a real crap job on the nails, I was in a hurry as mentioned before, and I really wanted to share the shades.

I really didn’t like these polishes and am glad they were only $1.99…….well actually .99 cents, thanks to my coupons 🙂

I can’t speak off the other items in this collection as I didn’t get them, but after reviewing my purchases I would only recommend the bronzer in Coral Samaba.  It’s a winner & the shades are beautiful and unique !!

Hope you enjoyed this review, and have forgiven my nail swatches.  I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog.  If you have anything from this collection, feel free to let me know your thoughts.  Until next time….


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