NEW L’Oreal Pop Balms

L”Oreal has released a new lip line called Pop Balms, in four colorful shades.  It resembles the Color Riche Balms also from L’Oreal, but are more pigmented and less sheer.  I am not sure if this is a new permanent collection or Limited Edition. 

They come in four shades:

  • Electric Pink
  • Bold Blush
  • Wild Lily
  • Fiery Red

I picked up the only 2 shades that were available at my local Walmart, which were Wild Lily and Bold Blush.

bloggin1 040

These balms are very creamy & moisturizing.  They make your lips feel so soft & moisturized while adding some va va voom color!  let’s take a look:

bloggin1 046


bloggin1 051

bloggin1 006

Wild Lily  is a bright bubble gum pink.


bloggin1 047


bloggin1 052

bloggin1 001

Bold Blush is a rosey pink


Here is a swatch side by side:

bloggin1 069

I really like these balms.  They are definitely more opaque than the the Color Riche Balms, which are very sheer.  As well, these colors are very vibrant and perfect for the summer.


Let’s take a look at a Color Riche Balm, to show just how much more pigmented and opaque the Balm Pops are.  I’ve had this one for a while and it is well loved.

bloggin1 105Caring Coral


bloggin1 111


bloggin1 112


bloggin1 117
You can see that the Color Riche Balm are very sheer and really are just a tinted balm.  With the comparison here, you can tell that the Pop Balms are much more pigmented and opaque.

I recommend them, if you’re like me and do appreciate a moisturizing “balm” like lipstick that packs some color.

Once again, thanks for stopping by……until next time.



5 thoughts on “NEW L’Oreal Pop Balms

  1. ZLSbeauty July 7, 2014 / 4:32 pm

    Are these available in the UK yet? I’ve never seen them, but they look good! Love bold blush on you!

    • beautydreammachine July 8, 2014 / 10:23 pm

      I’m sorry I don’t know about a UK release. I really like the Bold Blush as well 🙂

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