L’Oreal Paris Canada Collection Privee-Exclusive Nudes Collection 2014

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Formerly released as Collection Privee  for TIFF 2013 in Canada, the collection is back by popular demand and has been renamed Nude Couture Collection by L’Oreal Paris Canada, and is permanent!  This time the collection features 6 shades of lipsticks and nail polishes inspired by and created to flatter the skin tone and coloring of each of their spokesmodels.  As a result this is the perfect Nude Collection to flatter all skintones.  The packaging of the lipsticks are classy and elegant, with it’s black case with gold detailing.  This Collection was released earlier in the year in the US, so I was able to pick them up a while back (on one of my many frequent cross border trips), and I have been loving them since.  For more of a review of quality etc, please see my previous blog post about this collection.  Here, I wanted to post pics, so that my Canadian Beauty Friends can have a look and know what to expect, as I’m sure these will sell out fast……no one likes waiting for a restock!

Lets start with the lipsticks:


 Julianne’s  Nude

blog3 014


blog3 001
Julianne’s Nude



J-Lo’s Nude

blog3 016

blog3 006
J-Lo’s Nude



Eva’s Nude

blog3 017

blog3 007
Eva’s Nude



Freida’s Nude

blog3 018

blog3 011
Freida’s Nude



Unfortunately, I don’t have the Liya Nude, as it was sold out.  It is described as a chocolate brown nude.  Here is a swatch & pic from www.musingsofamuse.com.

Liya’s Nude



Liya’s Nude



I did buy a Doutzen Nude, but sadly it was incorrectly labeled and instead it was an Eva’s Nude 😦  I did read on instagram that this happened to quiet a few people, so just be sure to check your tube before you buy it!  Then to add insult to injury, I did finally purchase a Doutzen lipstick, wore it a few times then it disappeared!  I think it grew legs and ran away!  Once again from www.musingsofamuse.com, here are some pics:


Doutzen Nude


Doutzen’s Nude



Here is another look of the shades of lipstick I have:

blog9 032
L to R: Freida, Eva, J-Lo, Julianne


IAnd now, let’s move on to the nail polish.


blog9 060
L to R: Liya, Julianne, Doutzen, J-Lo, Freida, Eva





blog3 030






blog3 038


blog3 022

Here is a look on the polish on a color wheel:

blog9 044
Clockwise from the top: Julianne, Doutzen, Freida, Liya, J-Lo and Eva


It is a gorgeous collection, and I hope this post helped you decide which shades would work best for you.  It’s such a nice range of nudes for all skintones.  As for the release date, I had read on Instagram that it would be near the end of June, but I noted today on Twitter, Loreal Paris Canada posted this:

The new Collection Exclusive Nudes is OUT!

So have you spotted it out today?  What are your thoughts…..what will you be picking up?  I know I’ll be completing my collection

Until next time……thanks for stopping by!


One thought on “L’Oreal Paris Canada Collection Privee-Exclusive Nudes Collection 2014

  1. belindalauriewrites August 25, 2014 / 10:54 am

    Great post and fantastic swatches! I really got a good feel for the colours. I doubt I’ll be able to find them in stores now but that wont stop me from at least trying 😉

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