Recently I was sent a couple of nail polishes for review from PR at Trust Fund Beauty.  It is a luxury line of polishes and was launched just this year in February, and created by Samara Granofsky, a “self-proclaimed polish addict”.  It is a Canadian company which sources their polish from Denmark and the USA.  The polishes are 5-free (meaning no toxins), and cruelty free.  And witty….I love witty!  Unlike some of your relationships we are non-toxic and cruelty free.”  See what I mean?   And….if you’re like me & a lot of others I know, who hate boring names for shades of makeup/nail polish, you WILL LOVE the names given to the polishes.  Names like “I Love My #Selfie”, “Do You Know Who My Father Is?”, “Nip Slip” to name a few.  The colour selection is gorgeous.  The bottles are a very good size at 17 ml,  and retail for $15.00 Canadian.  If you’re stuck on picking a colour, there is the option to buy sample trios, three different shades with 5 ml each for $10 CA.  You can also “Get Spoiled Monthly”, where you can buy a 3, 6 or 9 month subscription where you  get 2 polishes a month (one chosen by you) and free shipping.

I was asked to pick out a couple of polishes I’d like to try.  I really enjoyed looking through their selection.  As I said earlier, I love the names!  Also, what is so unique is that every colour comes with its own personal sassy description. Very fun!

Here is how they arrived:

blogging 082

I absolutely love the packaging!  So nice that each bottle comes in its own decorative box to keep them in.  Definitely luxurious.


blogging 084


blogging 085

Here are the polishes…

BIG SPENDER, which was described as a “Springy Peach”.  I loved the description that went with Big Spender…“Saving is for Jesus. Spending is much more fun”.  See what I mean?  The name & description are genius.

nails 020
Big Spender


nails 031
2 Coats


ELEGENTLY WASTED, which was described as a “Dark Lilac”, with the following quote…“If you enjoy yourself, it’s not really a waste – it’s your prerogative”.  Love it!!!

nails 021
Elegantly Wasted


nails 033
2 Coats



I love the sleek packaging, and I do appreciate that the colour is true to the swatch on the website.   The polish applies easily, offering excellent coverage with two coats, and it is very pigmented. I love how it holds up.  I am a RN and as you can imagine, I wash my hands a lot in a day.  I didn’t experience any chipping on average for 3 to 4 days!!  Trust me….this is big for me, because usually I can only go less than a day before chipping starts.  Because it stays on so well, it also allows my nails to grow.  An added bonus for me! 

Now price wise, it is definitely more costly than your drugstore brands, but its performance, great shades, and amount of product justify its price, in my honest opion.  But remember, they do sell the sample trios, with 3 bottles at 5ml each for $10, which is comparable with drugstore brand prices!

For more info or to order, here is their link

These are my honest opions.  I received them for review one month ago, and have been wearing them and evaluating them during this time.  I don’t like to rush to review a product 🙂

Thanks for stopping by……have you tried the products?  What are your thoughts?

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