NYC Color Cosmetics City Bloom

NYC Color Cosmetics City Bloom Spring 2014


Spring has sprung…….or has it??  Around here spring has sprung a leak….and a chill.  Nothing like rainy damp weather, but I guess it is better than the cold winter days of past 🙂  Makeup wise, I am busting out my pretty spring pastels, and happened upon the City Bloom Release for Spring 2014 from NYC Cosmetics.

I picked up a couple of nail polishes and a Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder.  I passed on the eyeshadow palettes because, I have tried this line of eyeshadow before, and honestly, I wasn’t impressed.  I also passed on the lip balms……just wasn’t something I was looking to purchase.



blog5 043
Spring Petals
blog5 044
Spring Petals

Here is a swatch of the individual colors of the Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder (LE Shade) in Spring Petals.  It is a combination of 4 colours:  a matte light tan, matte medium brown a light matte pink and a shimmery medium peachy pink.

blog5 045

 The colors together make a beautiful peachy-pink shade.

There are 5 nail polishes with this collection.  I did pick up 2 nail polishes:

blog5 051
#004 Robin’s Egg Blue


Robin’s Egg Blue 2 Coats



blog5 054
017 Sweet Candy



Sweet Candy 2 Coats


Robin’s Egg Blue with Sweet Candy on top

I really love the Robin’s Egg Blue….the name itself describes the color to a “t”.  The Sweet Candy is a beautiful clear base nail polish with tiny macro flakes of violet-purple-pink shimmer.  Unfortunately, my pictures do not give it justice.  It is a Limited Edition shade, so I highly recommend grabbing it if you see it.  It is perfect as an over coat on light to dark shades, or used alone for a hint of color.  Retail price is $1.99 and that’s a great price as both of these polishes have a great formula and wear nicely.

What do you think?  Have you picked up some items from this collection?

Thanks for stopping by & sharing your time with me.  Until next time…..



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